Under the Influence

Welcome to "Unraveling Triangulation: Empowerment Against Manipulation," a comprehensive guide authored by Deanna Byrne, an acclaimed expert in NLP and a seasoned practitioner in psychology-based training programs.

What's Triangulation?

Triangulation is a manipulation tactic where a third party is used to influence or control a relationship between two other parties. It typically involves a manipulator who communicates indirectly through another person rather than directly, to sow discord, validate their own viewpoints, or create alliances that serve their interests. This method can be used to control information flow, manipulate relationships, and isolate the target, making it difficult for the victim to discern the truth or defend against manipulation.

Triangulation can profoundly disrupt our relationships, creating confusion and mistrust among those involved. It's a tactic often used by manipulators to assert control by dividing and conquering their targets. Whether in personal relationships, professional environments, or even within families, triangulation is a common yet often misunderstood form of manipulation.

I'm Deanna, an entrepreneur, coach, author and content creator behind this e-book

Deanna L. Byrne brings over 35 years of expertise to the intersecting realms of healing arts and corporate business. With a notable track record of building and managing eight-figure enterprises, she has developed sales representatives, constructed multi-level marketing companies, and operated two healing centers.

Deanna holds advanced accreditations in NLP and Hypnotherapy, and is a certified Life Coach and Grief Coach. Her qualifications extend to Meditation, Yoga, Mindfulness, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT), and several other healing modalities, positioning her as a multifaceted professional in both personal development and business leadership.

She is the author of several digital books and the creator of the internationally acclaimed podcast "Elevate With Deanna." Additionally, Deanna contributes as a content creator for the wellness app "Elevate With Deanna." Her consistent efforts to grow her social media presence have shown her international reach, amassing over 3 million views and downloads. Deanna has been fortunate to travel the world and calls Nova Scotia in Wine Country her home, where she lives with her Golden Retriever, Charlee.

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