Protect yourself from manipulation.

The "grey rock" method is a psychological strategy for interacting with emotionally manipulative people, such as narcissists, where the goal is to make oneself as uninteresting, unresponsive, and emotionally unengaging as possible. This tactic involves reducing the information and emotional reactions one provides in conversations, making oneself a "grey rock"—dull and unremarkable—so that the manipulative person loses interest and moves on to seek stimulation elsewhere. Here’s a detailed look at how to use this tactic:

The Series

"Under the Influence" is a compelling E-book series that explores the subtle and often covert world of manipulative behaviors. Each book dives deep into a different manipulation tactic, from gaslighting and triangulation to love bombing and beyond.

The Grey Rock Method should be seen as a temporary solution or as part of a broader strategy to manage relationships with manipulative individuals, ideally while seeking a more permanent change in interaction dynamics or physical separation from the person.

What's included?

  • Minimize Emotional Expression

  • Keep Conversations Superficial

  • Use Brief and Non-committal Responses

  • Avoid Confrontation

  • Limit Contact

  • Practice Consistency

  • Focus on Your Own Emotional Health

  • Risks and Considerations

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